It’s goodbye for now…

Thanks for taking part in Smarter Travel Nottingham!

It’s been a great ride – but now we’ve reached the end of the cycle track for Smarter Travel Nottingham. We hope you’ve benefited from our work and you’ll keep moving by foot, bike or public transport.

It’s been a busy two years and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. But we wouldn’t have done it without all the people we’ve met along the way. Thanks to your help, we:

Gave people the gear to get moving
Hi viz, bike lights, heavy duty locks and more – we’ve kitted out people so they’re ready to ride. Plus Dr Bike has been a regular fixture around the city helping people tune up their bikes and ensure they’re riding safely.

Gave people the skills, knowledge and confidence needed
457 people were trained up to be their own bike mechanic. If you learned from us, pass on your skills to others! 361 people were taught to be more confident cyclists. We made a video about cycling safely in winter and we’ve given out loads of tips and advice in getting around the city and further afield by public transport.

Got the next generation onto two wheels
143 young children took part in our Learn2Cycle classes. And we helped one group of young people learn how to strip down and rebuild bikes.

Got people working
We supported over 3000 job seekers to travel to work, training or interviews. Plus we hosted a number of placements in our team and helped volunteers gain skills.

Challenged you!
Throughout the two years we’ve got people moving by setting them challenges and competitions.

Got the message out creatively
Through stunts and art projects we got the sustainable transport message out. Did you visit one of our temporary pop-up parks, see our art project at Queens Walk, or watch our tram video?

Brought lots of people together
Through a whole load of events, guided walks and bike rides we got people together and had lots of fun. We delivered a massive 621 events and met 19,388 people – from edible walks to pedal powered parties, helping people learn new things and meet new people. And not forgetting the success of the monthly Cycle Sneinton which has been the friendliest bike event in the city!

See the figures on our infographic and see some of the best photos from the project.


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