Watch: what people think of the new tram lines

Since the extension of the NET tram service to Chilwell and Clifton, intrepid Sustrans volunteers have been roaming the network to ask people their views.

The result? This short video that shows just what a big impact the tram is having on everyday lives:


The Sustrans Guide to Cycling in the Dark

cycling-in-the-dark-acc0652bIt’s essential reading for all cyclists this month – the Sustrans guide to cycling in the dark.

Remember that the UK legal minimum for riding after dark is:

  • one front white light
  • one rear red light
  • plus the reflectors that should already be on your bike

Read the Guide

Help bring street play back to Nottingham!

Have you ever wished you could banish cars from your street and let your children play? Thanks to a new project from PlayWorks called Play Street you could revive the tradition of playing out in your neighbourhood.

Play Street sessions give children the chance to play freely in their own street, safely and close to home without having to worry about traffic. It’s great for children’s health wellbeing and social skills. It’s also a fun way for neighbours and communities to get to know one another.

PlayWorks are looking for people who want to make their street into a Play Street. It could be a one-off event or a regular thing. We love this project and hope Play Streets will spring up across our city.

Read more about PlayStreet